week 10 - friday - JAMES BARLOW visits the Safe Agua studio

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safe agua students working hard on a holiday!

Strategic Partnerships lecture by Tim Kline

the Safe Agua team after successful midterm’s presentations!

Week 9- skyping with Javier, Isaac, Michael and Cristina (TECHO volunteer) from Colombia. Feedback from families is incredibly helpful for students to continue the process of prototyping

¡buenos días!

Prototype 2!

Prototype 1!

Tinny and I tested two prototypes which attempt to heat a 5 gallon bucket of water quickly. The first prototype was to test the feasibility of the water naturally cycling itself as it became hot enough to rise out of the heat tube. Our second mockup is a immersion heater that is enclosed in a protective cage to prevent burns. We found our second experiment to be more successful, as it is able to heat water to 120ºF in 8 minutes! 

fallow up testing, failing faster to create better.